Leather is a natural material which has a number of features that are commonly not attributed to defect. You should remember about this when you buy our product. Genuine leather may have:

  • small marks / granulations / cracks / scratches;
  • different thickness of the same skin;
  • pores (texture) of a natural leather on the same product may differ in depth and shape. They are arranged in a random order, providing a unique pattern for each product with this feature
  • the inside of the genuine leather can be fluffy;

All of the above items are a difference between genuine and artificial leather.

All our products have a small batch and are manufactured by the craftsmen manually. Due to the lack of a large production flow small irregularities in the lines are permissible in our products.

The processing time of orders is 1-2 working days, depending on the workload. If you have any questions or difficulties during placing an order - you can contact us by mail and get a quick reply.

The color of the product in the photographs may differ from the actual color of the product. It depends on such factors as:

  • difference in color perception among humans;
  • natural / professional lighting;
  • display resolution;
  • the color of the surrounding objects;

Be careful when placing an order.

Photos do not convey the tactile sensations of natural leather, which often acts as a decisive factor while making a choice.

The range in our showroom is wider than on the site. Consider this when placing a remote order.